Delighting in Details (Artist’s Way Week 6)

My reflection on Week 6 of the Artist’s Way is a little late, which is funny because Week 6 focuses on recovering a sense of abundance. I have not been feeling abundant in my life lately, particularly when it comes to time.

AW6 2016

I am directing a pageant for our church’s birthday celebration this weekend, and the past two weeks have been a blur of recruiting volunteers, collecting craft materials for props and costumes, buying supplies, returning supplies, making phone calls, returning phone calls, emailing, brainstorming, scripting, blocking, gluing, cutting, and painting. It’s a lot. And I love it. My artist self is singing with the useful and creative busy-ness a project brings.

But it’s also stressful. Not to mention the fact that my beloved parents are about to visit from the US and I would rather have a clean house than a dining room table covered in cardboard dragon heads–as satisfying as that is. And I want to spend quality time with them and not be doing last minute pageant errands the whole time they’re here. So the pressure is on to get as much done by the time they arrive as possible.AW6 2016.7

On top of that, my daughter just got over a particularly nasty bout of teething, which made her clingier, fussier, and louder than usual in the last week. Nothing like a toddler pinching your ankles when you’re trying to focus on puzzle piecing masks together.And she has wanted to be snuggled a lot more than usual, which is lovely, but also makes doing dishes and cleaning the bathroom a tad challenging.

So it’s been a lot of late nights and early mornings and I’ve often felt as though the only abundance in my life is on my “to do” list. Even this blog post is another “to do.” I was tempted to skip it or to just combine Week 6 with Week 7. And either of those options would have been fine given how full my plate is. But here I am writing a short and sweet post anyway, because, yet again, my darling teething daughter inspired me and I didn’t want to let the inspiration spiral away.

This kid is an abundance expert. Her immediate surroundings are always full to bursting with things to see, touch, and try. She notices the minutest details. When she goes to pull all of the books off the shelf (again), she often aims for the one with the ripped binding first. She delights in the tattered texture with her fingertips. When we’re at the park, she notices every leaf and twig and piece of trash on the ground. And she often tries to taste them all. She has all the time in the world and it allows her to zoom in on all that world has to offer.

So I decided to follow her lead. This post is a celebration of just a fraction of the abundance in my life. I may be short on time and money, but I have endless details at my fingertips. Sometimes zooming in on the details helps me appreciate the abundance instead of being overwhelmed by its vastness. This is a gallery of photos from our local park and garden, taken from a more toddler-like perspective. It’s my personal cornucopia, where I can feast on one delightful detail at a time. And maybe even breathe for a moment.





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