Ways to Play

Artist Parent PLAYground is a play in progress, dreamed up by artist parent, Justine Buss.

This site is designed to be an online haven where artist parents can play, create, collaborate and vent. This is a safe, playful space to reflect on what it means to be an artist with children and to celebrate the ways having kids can inspire our art-making, rather than hinder it.

There are lots of ways to play:

*Subscribe to Artist Parent PLAYground so you see every post.

*Join in the conversation by liking the Artist Parent PLAYground Facebook Page.

*You can eventually expect to see four different categories of posts here.

1) Seesaw: These are reflections about the joy and struggles of artist parenting, book and other playmate (resource) reviews, and inspirational offerings.

2) Tag: You’re it! These are creative art-making challenges for those who wish to accept them. Tags will always be fun, playful, and either directly or indirectly involve your kiddos. Tags will never be graded or judged. They are simply little ways to entice you across the monkey bars and remind you to take care of your creativity and to play! Subscribe to the blog if you don’t want to miss a Tag!

3) Sandbox: The Sandbox is a place for creation. Sandbox posts are creative endeavors of artist parents. Writing, visual art, performances–you name it. Sandboxes will typically be artworks about or inspired by parenthood and children. If you’re an artist parent and you have a creation that you’d like to see featured on Artist Parent Playground, submit your creation along with all credit information to artistparentplayground (at) gmail.com. (Please note that I won’t be able to feature every submission I get, but if yours isn’t selected that doesn’t mean it isn’t phenomenal!)

4) Swing: Swings are posts by guest artist parents and their supporters. Want to be a featured Swing writer? Reach out to me at artistparentplayground (at) gmail.com.

A visual of my world–baby stuff and the performing arts.

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